Live Infinitely Yoga Blocks and Strap Set


Get everything you need to improve your stretches and take your yoga to the next level. Easily deepen and elongate your stretches while keeping your posture spot on! Whether you’re new or a seasoned veteran this set will deepen your poses and increase your flexibility daily! Perfect for on-the-go, in the studio, or at home use.


This yoga blocks and strap set includes:

  • Two 3”x6”x9” EVA foam blocks with easy grip beveled edges
  • One 8’ long soft cotton strap with premium metal D-rings.

The blocks are made from non-toxic EVA foam, making them odor and moisture resistant while still only weighing 7 ounces each. EVA is considered to be a safe alternative to PVC, as it doesn’t require plasticizers like phthalates, and it’s BPA free.

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Black, Purple, Grey, Teal

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Estimated Delivery 2-5 days, Shipping is included., Ships from within the US.


non-toxic EVA foam, cotton

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