Non-Toxic Memory Foam Pillow


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NatureLife’s bio-zero memory foam pillow is all natural, non-toxic and perfectly supportive.

Its memory foam is crafted from natural vegetable sources and its bamboo cover offers extreme breathability. Most memory foam pillows will harden over time, and especially in lower temperatures, but this hydrophilic foam pillow will not.


This pillow is proven to offer the perfect support. The designer has spent over ten years researching and collecting data about the balance between pillow softness and firmness (IFD and SAG factor).

Our bed pillow is ventilating as it consists of 95% porous structures infused with pharmaceutical grade cooling gel which is heat-dissipating, breathable and humidity-absorbing to lower the surface temperature.

Shopping for someone fighting cancer?

You’ll naturally want to a gift that shows you care, something to bring comfort. A memory foam pillow is a wonderful gift to keep them cozy while their body is battling cancer.

Yet there’s something much more important when buying for someone fighting cancer (or anyone, really, that doesn’t ever want to fight cancer).

Don’t buy ANY products that
cause cancer!

It seems obvious, but it isn’t always. However, most memory foam pillows are made of polyester and filled with toxic petroleum-based filling. Yuck!

Not this one, though. It’s made of 100% bio/vegetable-based materials and covered in all natural cotton and bamboo fibers. It matters!


Our pillow is compliant with EU REACH regulation, EU RoHS Directive, and SGS Certification Services to certify that all components are toxin-free and antimicrobial.

The product has Bio-based polyol so it may smell like natural vegetable oil when first removed from the packaging. It is a natural smell and will dissipate quickly.

Additional information

Weight 2.65 lbs
Dimensions 17.72 × 27.56 × 5.91 in

EU REACH regulation compliant, EU RoHS Directive, and SGS Certification Services Certified