Vegan Cork Bag with Crossbody Strap

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8.25″ X 5.75″ Vegan Cork “Leather” Crossbody bag with cotton lining, 24″ strap drop, zippered closure, and change purse

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These physical properties provide cork all the famous advantages:

  • Durable: cork is a tough, durable substance
  • Water Resistant: cork has a high natural resistance to water.
  • Resilient: heavy pressure does not destroy cork, it compresses the air within the cells, so the cork springs back when the pressure is removed.
  • Light-weight: more than 50 % of the cell volume of cork consists of air, making cork one of the lightest solids.
  • Renewable: cork trees can live over 100 years. After the cork bark is removed from the tree, it grows back, and within a few years is ready to be harvested again.

Cork, like leather… only better!

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