What is cancerzen?

Since battling cancer I was shocked to learn products with materials scientifically proven to cause cancer are sold practically everywhere in the US. I’ve become obsessed with knowing what’s in every product I buy, wear, or especially eat.

Now I’m on a mission to bring awareness to the role that our environment plays in causing cancer.

My goals are:

  • to provide advice, resources and tools for anyone going through this experience, especially with those with limited access to quality nutrition and healthcare
  • to help others navigate the often misleading public information available to make informed decisions about the products they consume
  • to spread awareness of the toxins in our food and the products in our homes
  • to speak out against those responsible for allowing these poisons in our lives 
  • to make it easier to obtain better, non-toxic products
  • to bring attention to how little anyone in the medical field will tell you about nutrition and healthy living
  • to empower those facing cancer to explore treatment options that build that up and repair instead of tear down and destroy your body
  • to remove the stigma associated with “alternative” or rather, original medicines.


I keep hearing “F*ck Cancer” and it’s easy to say, because cancer is horrible. The worst. But I feel like the anger is misplaced. Cancer is just being cancer. Doing its thing. It’s the outside forces that are causing cancer, and keeping cancer around, and the people and powers that be that allow it to continue unchecked.

What we really need to be saying is:
  • F*CK GMOs
  • F*CK stress
  • F*CK bad diets
  • F*CK the government for allowing our food and environment to be poisoned
  • F*CK polluted drinking water
  • F*CK smoking
  • F*CK the medical community for not teaching patients how to live cleaner lives instead of pumping them full of more chemicals like guinea pigs
  • F*CK fast food & over processed foods
  • F*CK self-abuse
  • F*CK chemicals in our air and food supplies
  • F*CK the companies that produce these chemicals