What is cancerzen?

Initially when diagnosed, I was so fearful that I didn’t question anything. I took every doctor’s word at face value, and agreed to do anything and everything they suggested. I welcomed any toxins they wanted to put in my veins. I swallowed hundreds of pills, not fully allowing myself to know what was in them. Now, still experiencing the painful aftershocks of my cancer treatments for going on ten years – I realize I may have overdone it.

How could I let this happen?
I didn’t want to die!
Of course.

My research led to little other than the status quo — take your chemo, radiate yourself, cut the offending parts of your body off. And then the meds.

But over time I have found there is simply too much information that is not readily available. For the sake of our collective advancement, we need to be educated, and to look at things with common sense, regardless of political beliefs, religions, hometown, race, etc. Because cancer doesn’t care about any of that.

Too many people think whatever your first doctor says is your only choice.

It is not. No, you shouldn’t just drink wheatgrass or do yoga or pray to get rid of cancer. But you also shouldn’t jump directly into wildly aggressive chemotherapy treatment because you are frozen with fear and don’t know that there even is any other options. There are.

You MUST learn your options. Research everything. Consider all options. Find and use the tools that are available. Combine options that make the most sense for you. Don’t be afraid to ask questions of your doctors.

It is YOUR life. You can do it. You have to.

My mission is to help others avoid cancer and the side effects of common cancer treatments by:

  • Sharing my knowledge and experience freely, especially with those with limited access to quality nutrition and healthcare,
  • Helping others navigate the often misleading public information available to make informed decisions about the products they consume,
  • Speaking out against those responsible for the toxic poisons in our food and homes,
  • Making it easier to obtain better products, and
  • Empowering those facing cancer to explore treatment options that build that up and repair instead of tear down and destroy your body.

So that’s what this is, a repository of things I’ve learned myself, or links to resources from others. I hope it is helpful. 

My goals are:

  • to help spread awareness of the toxins in our food and homes, and of how little anyone in the medical field will tell you about nutrition and healthy living
  • to remove the stigma associated with “alternative” or rather, original medicines.
  • to provide honest resources and tools for anyone else going through this experience. Not the info printed on pharmaceutical’s fliers or on their websites. I may not have all the answers in my head but I know there are answers out there.
  • to provide guidance, advice and support from my experiences


I keep hearing “F*ck Cancer” and it’s easy to say, because cancer is horrible. The worst. But I feel like the anger is misplaced. Cancer is just being cancer. Doing its thing. It’s the outside forces that are causing cancer, and keeping cancer around, and the people and powers that be that allow it to continue unchecked.

What we really need to be saying is:
  • F*CK GMOs
  • F*CK stress
  • F*CK bad diets
  • F*CK the government for allowing our food and environment to be poisoned
  • F*CK polluted drinking water
  • F*CK smoking
  • F*CK the medical community for not teaching patients how to live cleaner lives instead of pumping them full of more chemicals like guinea pigs
  • F*CK fast food & over processed foods
  • F*CK self-abuse
  • F*CK chemicals in our air and food supplies
  • F*CK the companies that produce these chemicals