Healing & Prevention

Organic Food Proven to Prevent Cancer

Many of the horrific drugs I took were only to give me 5 or 10% better odds. And they were horrific. Organic foods taste better, are better for you, and give you a 25% better chance at avoiding cancer. You don't like vegetables? Try chemo! Veggies are so much better,...

A Salt Lamp Makes Everything More Beautiful

I put a new lightbulb in my salt lamp and set teeny buddha on top. 💫 It’s a great spot to park my water bottle and CBD oil for the night, and a salt lamp just makes everything more beautiful. 💛 Try to take a few minutes when you can to rework something in your life for the better. The returns are long lasting.

Pure Organic CBD Oil

CBD oil, ancient healer. Some of you know I recently started taking CBD Oil and OMG I have had my mind blown with the results! I think just being on so many meds and having so many "treatments" - I didn't want to add anything else to the mix. And I really...

Eternally thankful for Ginger Kombucha 

Sometimes I cannot believe the many resources I have available to me.  I was told Kombucha might end the hives I was experiencing daily, due to my chemo treatments years earlier. And, it worked! Thankful for that knowledge, thankful for the acupuncturist who told me...