Please know that I write my blog for me, and for anyone else that is facing similar challenges, or any challenges, really, in the hope that I can be of help or at least let you know you are not alone.

Part of that is being able to recommend products that I have spent a long time researching and that were helpful to me. That is my goal. So I of course want to let you know that I may receive a small percentage of sales made through clicking on ads or product links here on this website.

And I absolutely solemnly swear that if I endorse a product, I use or have used it myself, with positive results. If my opinion of a product changes, I’ll update the blog. If you see something that I endorse (with or without a link to a product) but you know of some reason why I should not be endorsing it, please let me know.

This is all very, very new and each journey is their own.
Let’s help one another.
YES   I likely get a commission or small percentage of any sale made from my site.
NO   It does not cost you any extra; you do not get charged a higher price to cover my %.
YES   If I recommend a product, I most definitely have used it AND I truly recommend it.
YES   I believe everything I post to be true.
NO   Everything doesn’t turn out to be exactly as expected. That’s why I post links to sources when I can.
YES   I welcome conversation and discussion as a collaborative process of learning together.
NO   I do NOT tolerate haters. Be respectful.


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