High School teacher, wife, mother of four young girls.

We shared a breast-cancer-sisterhood hug just days before she passed away.

She was my neighbor; I used to see her going for walks in our neighborhood. When she was in treatment, she was not walking. She had started walking again after treatment, with more frequency and more strenghth.

We had just commented that she was getting better.

I didn’t know her then. I just knew her as the high school teacher that was fighting cancer. Many of my teacher friends knew her and always spoke extremely highly of her. But I didn’t know her.

Our paths crossed through a mutual friend, very briefly. Just long enough to share the most sincere hug I’ve ever experienced. At the time, I didn’t even realize she was the teacher that I would see walking our neighborhood.

And then 3 days later she put her beautiful daughters on the school bus, returned to her bed, and fell asleep until she no longer felt the pain.

She died on my birthday.

She is sorely missed by the Outer Banks community and Dare County schools.

Her Tribute in the local Outer Banks Voice.