Fooducate App

The Fooducate App is a handy tool to easily see assigned scores of different foods, while shopping at the grocery store, helping you make good decisions, quickly.

The app provides a bar code scanner, so you can scan any product before it goes into your grocery cart. It helps in identifying the bad ingredients in food (GMO and other processed foods/chemicals) and it displays quick “grade” (from A+ to D, like grade school) to show you quickly if it’s a good option for you.

It also provides a quickly scannable list of WHY the food ranked like it did. For example, the item may be on the FDA’s toxicity watchlist, or it might be highly processed, contain a huge amount of sugar or high fructose corn syrup, or artificial flavors, or other known toxins. And if you are unsure what something means, the app explains the health effect it has.


I use the Fooducate app while grocery shopping with my children. When they bring random packages with bright colored cartoon characters on it to plea for purchase, I let them scan it and see for themselves what’s inside the shiny packaging. They know ahead of time there is no way I am buying a food that scores a C or below. And now they know why.

Another great resource is that if the product you want to buy has a low rating there is a tab that gives you other alternatives to choose from. What a time saver! The app also allows users to comment on the product. This can be quite helpful. If you are new to eating cleaner foods, it enables you to learn from other users.

They also provide a number of other tools for tracking calories, sleep, health, energy, fitness goals, etc., as well as a Healthy Recipe section and Diet Tidbit area with articles. In fact, they seem to be focusing their branding message more on diet and losing weight recently, which is not what I originally used the app for. They changed their logo to put a cute little sweatband on the head of the logo iconic orange, and changed their tagline language to promise it will help you eat better, lose weight, and get healthy. They now say Fooducate empowers you to achieve your diet, health, and fitness goals. This may or may not all be true, but for the purpose of avoiding hidden toxins and garbage in your food, it can’t be beat.

Visit the Fooducate Website here, and download the app for Apple or Android/Google Play.

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