Caring Bridge Websites

Caring Bridge Websites

Caring Bridge Websites

In times of need, the greatest source of hope and healing is the love of family and friends.

caringbridge website to share your cancer journey with friends & family

Caring Bridge offers free websites for you to easily share your cancer journey with friends & family.

A health crisis throws everything into chaos. Because your family and friends care, questions and phone calls won’t stop and stuff begins to pile up. Your personal CaringBridge website gives you one centralized, private place to share health updates and request help.

CaringBridge is a nonprofit that connects people to each other when it matters most, offering hope, healing and help from family and friends. They provide an easy, secure online platform for building your own CaringBridge website (or one for a loved one) where you can post updates once, and your entire friends and family can be updated at once. No more repeating the story over and over. Connect with all of your family and friends at once, giving you time to focus on what matters.

Through a CaringBridge website, everyone can stay informed and leave messages of support and encouragement. We also provide a Planner that helps loved ones coordinate care and organize daily tasks, such as bringing a meal, taking care of pets or driving to appointments.

A CaringBridge website allows you to share news quickly and easily, while ensuring that your privacy is always protected. At CaringBridge, personal data is protected and never sold, and there is no outside advertising. Therefore we rely on the compassion and generosity of our donors and volunteers to make CaringBridge possible, and to keep millions of people connected every year. You can also sign up for their newsletter for tips on supporting a friend in tough times through stories, articles, videos and more.


To learn more or create a CaringBridge website, visit www.CaringBridge.org today.

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