My Positive Manifesto

My Positive Manifesto

My Positive Manifesto

Write out your priorities so you can refer back to them later.

Sometimes it is so hard to manage everything you need to take control of in your life. For me, I had to stop everything one day, sit down and write out my priorities. This way, I could share them with my family, so we are all understanding the same expectations.

I could also refer back to them, anytime I feel like my life is slipping out of whack, or if I am struggling to make a decision based on what is best for me. In times like these, I just check back in with my list, and make sure what I am choosing reflects my priorities. 

I also grew tired of hearing about how the perpetrators of hate crimes all had a manifesto where they spewed all their hate. I thought we need more POSITIVE manifestos. So, this is my positive manifesto:

  1. ME
    1. My Physical and Mental Health Includes activities such as sleeping, eating, resting, visiting doctors and integrated healing partners, exercising, getting outside for fresh air, meditating, stretching, yoga, physical and occupational therapy exercises, strength training, and any other associated activities deemed necessary by Me.
      1. healing and strengthening current physical or mental ailments, and
      2. preventing cancer and/or other future ailments.
    2. My Spiritual and Emotional Well Being
    1. My Children
    2. My Husband
    3. My Extended Family
  3. MY COMPANY Despite it being a smaller part of my life, if I don’t help keep it sailing smoothly, it can and will become a problem in maintaining items 1 and 2 above.
  4. MY FRIENDS I am blessed to have friends like those I have now. Whenever possible, I will help them as they have helped me.
  5. MY HOME I spend almost every minute of my time here; it needs to be a place I am comfortable and happy in.
  6. TRAVEL I want to see the world and meet its people. I want my children to as well.
  7. THE WORLD I took an oath to make the world a better place. I do this by Being a Girl Scout Leader,  and by speaking out against hate and for social justice. Every – single – time.

Feel free to copy.paste and make your own. It feels good to have a clear understanding of your priorities and to have them available to reinforce to you that yes, you need to TAKE CARE OF YOU first.



Both look “suspicious”

Both look “suspicious”

At the Outer Banks Hospital the mammogram and ultrasound both looked “suspicious”.  I was scheduled to meet with a surgeon that Thursday.

I am thankful that the small town where I live has so few people that I can be fit right into the schedules and not have to wait a more unbearable amount of time between appointments.