Just a note to say Thank You to everyone who has been reaching out to us lately. I finally went public and posted the news on Facebook and the outpouring of love and wishes and prayers has been humbling!

Between Facebook and here, I have heard from childhood friends (like, pre elementary school!) and  school friends, high school, college, past co-workers, friends of my parents, and even some people I don’t even know. It’s amazing.

Surgery is Wednesday, and now that Christmas has stopped hogging my attention, I am starting to fret the surgery more. I know it’s not the biggest hurdle coming up, it’s surely not going to be any more difficult than 3 cesarean deliveries I’ve done….. but still, I can’t do anything about anything ’til it’s over and done so I can’t stop thinking about it.

Just looking forward to having this behind me and getting back to my family and to work.

Thanks again, y’all. Your words and prayers are carrying me a long long way!