Receptionist at my Bloodwork Lab during my treatments.
Ovarian Cancer.

I knew April as the warm and friendly lady at the front desk of the lab where I had my bloodwork drawn for my own cancer treatments. One say, she told me a secret. She was wearing a wig and was also going through chemotherapy and treatment. She told me to keep strong, that it would all work out OK.

We discussed her wig each week, and how much she hated wearing it and couldn’t wait to go without it. I told her to rock her super short hair. Next appointment, there she was grinning. She said it was her first day without the wig. I told her she looked spectacular.

As my own treatments came to a close I would start going to the lab with less frequency. Every week went to every month then once per three months, and then down to only twice a year. I didn’t see April for a while, and then, when I was getting my every 6-month preventative and “maintenance” chemo, I was shocked to see April in one of the chemo chairs. She had a remission and was fighting the good fight again. She looked, understandably, tired. Somehow in my naive mind, I thought she’d pull through.

The next time I went to get blood drawn, it hit me like a ton of bricks. I asked the new front desk lady “Where’s April? She’s ok, right?” and the look I got back was all the answer I needed. I cried in the waiting room. I hate cancer.

From April’s obituary:

April Truitt MacDonald, 63, of Colington Harbour, passed away July 2, 2013 after a long battle with ovarian cancer.

What brought April the most joy was spending time with family and friends; whether here in the local community, down on Ocracoke Island, or anywhere good fellowship and company was to be had. April loved nature, especially bird-watching from her deck or camping with her family. She will be remembered most as a loving wife, dedicated mother, and loyal friend.

See her obituary here.