A sweet child. Only 16 years here on earth. I never met her. Her mother graciously and selflessly worked reiki miracles on me during my treatment.

From her mother’s facebook wall on the 5th anniversary of her passing:

6 years ago I had to tell my first born good-bye as she transitioned. When I look back on the night, I remember it as a magical night. Ethan and I had walked the labyrinth in the yard and the moon and stars were glowing so beautifully. It filled me with a hope that I never lost. Later that evening, it began to rain. A soft, quiet rain. A weeping of what lay ahead later that day. Ever since Averi has left us physically, I have never believed that she left me spiritually. She always finds wonderful ways for me to know she is always near. On this day, she has never disappointed me. I woke this morning to take in the glorious sunrise to remind me of her and her new life filled with light like the sun. Hannah & I had kayaked yesterday in the hopes of seeing a dolphin and didn’t see one. I told Hannah that Averi would not disappoint us tomorrow & that we would see Manatee also. We headed out this morning. My heart was set on Averi and what she was going to share with us. We came to the opening into the gulf & saw nothing, but we sat there in anticipation. Sure enough, a lone dolphin popped out of the ocean. We paddled around with it & were then delighted to the sight of a group of manatee. When we headed back into the canal, the dolphin was there and swam around us in our kayaks for the whole at least half hour we delighted in it. When we finally headed back to our place, it still stayed there. Thank you Averi for always showing me that you are near me even though I can no longer see you & touch you. It gives this grieving heart a smile to the emptiness that it can no longer physically know. I will look for your continued presence throughout this day. I miss you like crazy Averi Maylen!!!