It literally feels as though I’m getting stabbed in my bones in my lower back, hips and shoulders, a quick and acute pain that comes and goes in waves and basically causes me to writhe until it passes. 

Joint pain in every joint in my body. Especially my knees hips ankles and shoulders. I keep a pain log when I can. There are still times when I cannot get to tracking or to logging my pain because I simply don’t have a minute by 8 p.m. I’m drowsy and and exhausted and falling asleep and up at 6 and it’s all I can do all day to just fight off the pain and the overwhelming exhaustion and the headaches back aches, knee, ankle, feet and arm aches. And everything else. I’m so over this.

Neulasta is extremely painful to have that going on in your bones, especially in your joints. Coupled with the Taxol which is also notoriously painful to the bones and joints, it was almost unbearable for me last time.