Chapel Hill Cancer CenterSun’s not even up and we’re on our way to UNC Cancer Center for a 2nd (and 3rd 4th 5th and 6th!) opinion, to determine the remainder of my treatments. Seems locally, the onco-radiologist and the onco-surgeon docs both think they should go next, after the chemo is done. So my “Cancer Nurse Navigator” has suggested a trip to UNC. They have a “breast cancer clinic” where the patient gets there and gets settled into a exam room, and then all sorts of doctors come and go, with THEM rotating thru the rooms and ME staying put in one spot. It’s an amazing process and I am slotted to meet with a surgeon, a plastic surgeon, a radiologist, an oncologist, and more.. they will review my OBX doctor’s suggested course of action and weigh in with their suggestions.

I am so lucky to have this available to me!