Dr. Joseph Jenkins of Carolina Surgical Care in Elizabeth City, NC.

Dr. Joseph Jenkins. My favorite in ALLLL the docs I had to see. If you need a surgery on the Outer Banks, call this guy!

I met with Dr. Joe Jenkins of Carolina Surgical, at Regional Medical Center in Kitty Hawk, NC. From the first moment I was very comfortable with him and his team. His nurse Susie was a firecracker and both of them were my fast friends.

He read the mammogram and ultrasound reports and said he’d like to get a core biopsy sample, right then and there in the office. I don’t know why I didn’t expect it, but it was seeming so sudden.

He used what I refer to as “the nail gun”, which shot a hollow needle into my breast and retrieved tissue from the breast in the core of the needle. Like in geology, where a core sample of earth tells you what’s in the ground below. As is always a risk in a “blind” biopsy (where the doctor is not guided by live digital imagery) he hit a nerve and a blood vessel, which made what should have been a minor procedure incredibly painful and messy.

The strip of barrier islands we live on is a really remote area. Dr. Jenkins works primarily out of an office in neighboring Elizabeth City, and only came to our area on Thursdays. So, we made a follow-up appointment for the following Thursday, but he agreed that he would call me with the core biopsy pathology results as soon as he got them.