At Albemarle Hospital for a MUGA scan (tests heart function) and was just accidentally given a bone density scan instead. Only on the way back to the waiting room did I question it and the tech realized she gave me the wrong test! Now I am about to have the MUGA scan. Are you kidding me?! Is THIS why several friends have urged me to go to Duke or anywhere not local for this stuff? Holy cow!!!!

Thanks for all the comments, y’all. I know in general I am getting good health care here on the beach. Love my surgeon, love my oncologist. Not thrilled with Albemarle Hospital though. The error WAS the technicians fault, not clerical. I even called that day and asked what I needed to do to prepare, etc., and spoke with the same lady. I didn’t tell her my name on the phone but when I said I was coming in for the MUGA scan – she asked “is this Ms Lawrence?” so I can only assume I was the only one for the day. Then after the bone density scan, I was walking back to the waiting room and was asking her all sorts of questions – based on what I had read the test would be like online. Like “shouldn’t I have had to have an IV with the radioactive stuff in it? wasn’t this supposed to last an hour or more?” to which she replies – “Nope, this is it. They may bring you back in for a MUGA scan though….” *DOH!* And then I said “Thats what I’m here for today.” and then she goes all “oh my god oh my god oh my god! I’m so sorry! “I’ve been giving bone density scans all day! I just gave you the wrong test!” *DOH* Back to the nuclear-x-ray room.

So! All that said and done….. it was not an invasive procedure. You are right, Cindy and Laurin – would have SUCKED to lose a kidney lol. But they didn’t do anything painful. In fact, I’m more disgruntled that she had to stick me twice before she got the IV in. The bone density test was just like a long xray. And… it WAS Monday. But you know, in a hospital, you kinda want to feel like the people caring for you don’t make mistakes cause it’s Monday.

Anyway, we got through it alright, and on to the next test or whatever is in store next.

And…. the tech told me I couldn’t have the results since a doctor didn’t order the test… but then I guess she felt guilty because she brought me the full results. Also said she is going to keep the files on hand so if a doctor does order the test, she can just give us the results. And….

drumroll please …. my bones are fine.

In fact, if it weren’t for this cancer BS, I’d be really very, very healthy!