Side Effects of Cancer Treatments

The list of adverse cancer treatment side effects caused by western medicine is long.

The list below is not a list of every possible effect. These are my own recount of what I personally went through/am going through based on my own cancer treatments received.


Due to the removal of the lymph nodes in my left armpit area, my body is less able to process lymph. This results in backed up fluids, especially in the upper left quadrant of my body. Aside from the tightness in my swollen skin, it also feels like my arm...

Winged Scapula & Loss of Range of Motion and Strength

A winged scapula is associated with damage or a contusion to the long thoracic nerve of the shoulder and / or weakness in the Serratus Anterior muscle. If the long thoracic nerve is damaged or bruised it can cause paralysis of the serratus anterior muscle...

Never ending hives

Chemo destroyed my gut flora - which controls histamines. Now I have constant hives all over my body in weird patterns that look like cat scratches and perfect circles. Insanely itchy and never-ending. I truly recommend... 3rd Rock ITCHBlock™ ITCHBlock is the Best...

Peripheral Neuropathy – Nerve damage in my feet

Nerve damage in my arm, hands and feet. Feeling like pins and needles at best, like nails or razor cuts regularly and like the burning of burnt skin with razor cuts soaked in peroxide at worst. I truly recommend... These are the exact products I have, use....

Severe asthma & long term low blood oxygen levels

Newly diagnosed, and likely caused by radiation: Severe asthma. I suffer extreme loss of breath, wheezing, and crackling in my lungs. I am always short on air, sometimes to the point where I am dizzy or fall. My long term blood Oxygen levels have been...

Chronic Bone and Joint Pain throughout my body

Joint pain in every joint in my body. Especially my knees hips ankles and shoulders. I keep a pain log when I can. There are still times when I cannot get to tracking or to logging my pain because I simply don't have a minute by 8 p.m. I'm drowsy and and...

Memory and Concentration Complications

Since pumping my body full of chemotherapy chemicals I have noticed a lot of the symptoms of what is known as "chemo brain". It is like a heavy fog over your mind that you just cannot shake. Like if you have been awake for days and just can't...

Digestion problems … still …

My digestive system is wrecked. I have constant nausea and am feeling dehydrated even though I am constantly drinking water. I have stomach pangs, cramping tight stomach aches and diarrhea every day.


Maybe due to the fact that I have the Inability to relax my body at all, this burns so much energy and keeps me set at 0.0 energy, just intense aIl encompassing fatigue. Muscle fatigue causes my muscles to burn out while washing my hair, or climbing...

Internal thermostat is broken

Constant profuse sweating, soaking my sheets. Then alternating with chills and shivering. Not just through chemo, but still... 7 years out. I am freezing. Or I am sweating. Nothing in the middle.

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